My interview with a Falling Down band member... Can you guess who?

So today I got to interview one of my favorite character from the RockStar series by Anne Mercier. I was super excited when I got the opportunity to interview this rockstar. This rockstar should not need an introduction but I will give you some hints. He is quiet, smart, and super sexy. Can you guess who it is  Kennedy Cadwell!!! Let's jump into this interview

Leah: Did you always like music or would you like to do something different?  
Kennedy: I've always loved music. I remember air guitaring a lot until I got my first real one from my neighbor. He taught me how to play.L: What is it like working with Blush?K: Amazing. It's like they've always been with us, you know? They just fit.
L: Since you have become a celebrity, who is the best and worst person that you have met? 
K: The best person I've met is Cage. He may venture into the darkness but he's always there for everyone, no matter what.  The worst person I've ever met was this chick I hooked up with after a show a couple years ago. I didn't know she was fucked up on drugs until I already banged her. Then she thought because we fucked, it meant I wanted her with me. When the bus took off, she chased us. She showed up at the next two shows and then I got a restraining order. I'm glad that only happened once.
L: (I am laughing.) Well if that was me I would not want that to happen to me. How do you feel about having connections to the mob?
K: I hope I never fuck up. Kennedy chuckles. I guess I'm cool with it. It doesn't really touch us since there's so much security around now. I just want Lucy and Sera to be safe. That's what worries me most.
L: Aww. That is so sweet. Out of all the guys in the band, who are you the closest with and why?K: I have to say Ethan. He comes to me with his private shit and I share mine with him in return. I think it's because we're both pretty quiet and don't want the attention.
L: I can’t picture Ethan as quite but ok next question. You are a very quiet person, what are you thinking about? 
K: I think about a lot of shit. I think about how fucked up the world is right now, I think about how fucking awesome our family is, and everything in between. There's no telling what's gonna pop into my mind next.
L: You had an eventful past, how has that shaped you today? 
K: This is a hard question. I guess it keeps me clear from hard drugs and people who do them. It makes it easier to see someone who's strung out and know what they're capable of. Because of things that have happened, I like to be in control of myself and my situation.  You'll see what I mean when Anne tells my story.
L: If you could give some advice to a person that was going through what you went through in the past, what would it be?
K:  Kennedy leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees. Tell someone what's happening. The ones threatening you if you tell, can't hurt you. Make it so they can never hurt you again. Tell. Someone. Now.
L: Since you are quiet, how do you handle living in Casa Falling Down?
K: I love the chaos, I just don't actively participate all the time—though with Xander around, he tends to pull everyone in.
L: I can see that. How do you handle the pressure of being a musician? 
K: When we first started out, it was overwhelming for all of us. Then all the touring started and we started to forget who we were for a while. But because there are five of us, someone always pushed us back on the right track. Now we're pretty used to things and how everything works, so I just take it as it comes. One step at a time. We can't get the music out any faster than what we do, and if we don't want to, we don't have to. We know, now, it's up to us. 
L: Do you ever want kids?  Not really. If it were to happen, I'd be cool with it but I won't actively try to have kids. I think there are enough kids around her to keep the need for kids satisfied, don't you?  Kennedy chuckles.
L: Is there a significant other in your life? 
K: Nope. I'm single.
L: Last question I promise. Do you have any tats?  If so what was your first one? 
K: Yep. I've got a lot of tats. My first one was the band logo. All of us got it together before we went out on our first tour.
L: Thank you for sitting down with me for this interview. I look forward to your new album.
K: Thank you for having me.

Well, you heard it here ladies, Kennedy is single but who knows for how long. I think we learned some new info about this sexy guitarist. Let me know in the comments who you would like an interview from next. I also did an interview with Jake Ingrassia. That link will be below. Check it out. I have another interview coming soon. Keep on reading.
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