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Aflame Release day

Title: Aflame (Falling Away #4) Author: Penelope Douglas Genre: NA | Contemporary Romance Release Date: April 21, 2015 Organized by:As the Pages Turn Synopsis
The tables have turned. Now I have the power—and it’s his turn to beg…
Everyone wants to be me.
Maybe it’s the sway of my skirt or the way I flip my hair, but I don’t care. Even though their attention is the last thing I crave, I just can’t stop. I dominate the track, the speed rattles my bones, and the wind and the crowd screams my name.
I’m her. The girl driver. The queen of the race. And I’m surviving—something he thought I’d never do.
They all talk about him. Did you see Jared Trent on T.V? What did you think of his last race, Tate? When is he coming back to town, Tate?
But I refuse to care too much. Because when Jared does come home, I won’t be here.
Tatum Brandt is gone. I’m someone new.
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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

My new addiction series for sure. This book has it all romance, blood and guts, powers, and a very confused human. So basically this book is about the red blooded people vs. the silver blood. It is a very interesting concept to make the silver bloods "Gods”. The silver blooded people have powers that make them superior then the others. I fell in love with each of the characters. This book will surprise at every turn. I was in shock with the things I read. Also this book is a fan of love triangles. It is really a square but you have to read the story because I am not telling you. The story kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. The beginning starts off with adventure. This book will be a hit. I can’t wait to read the next one.

Fallen Fourth Down (fallen 4) by Tijan

Ok so this book will bring on the drama. I feel that the characters are growing up. Just when you think that this crew (Sam, Mason, Logan, and Nate) solve one problem they have to face another one. They just can’t seem to catch a break :(.  I like how we can read this book from the two different points of view. The first 3 books were just from one person. In this book the crew will be reignited again with each other. This book was funnier than the rest. There is a major bomb that will get dropped in this book. I feel that this will book is also the set up for the next one. There is too much to say but then I would give the book away. There is only one more book left in this series:(. I am sad to see it end.There has not been a release date yet for the 5th book i will keep you updated. I give these  book 5 stars.

Keela (Slater Brothers 2.5) by L.A. Casey

this was a short story with Alec and Keela's move. this book is funny and emotional. this book will drop bombs left and right that you will not see happening.  the girls will do something when they are drunk that will have you on the edge. also because L.A like drop huge surprises the ending will leave you hang and will make you want more but we need to wait. be prepared for the emotional rollercoaster ride this book will give you. this will be may last post on this book because the next book is not out yet. the next book in the series is Kane and it will be out May 5th. i am very excited. oh and Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it.

Captive Films Volume 2 By Jillian Dodd

Are you ready for more Riley & Keatyn? Captive Films (Season 2.2) is Now Available! Amazon US: UK: & Noble: iTunes: Google Play:

In reality TV form, this series follows the lives and loves of those who work at Captive Films.
Hot, successful, playboy Riley Johnson, whose business success far exceeds his success in love.
Movie star, Keatyn Douglas, whose epic love story has spawned a series of books and movies.
And Dawson Johnson, who joins Captive with a tragic past.  Expect lots of drama, sex, and tabloid-worthy events.
Fans of the USA TODAY bestselling series, The Keatyn Chronicles®, will love reconnecting with their favorite characters as adults.

Each Captive Films season contains six episodes, two in each volume.
Think of it as a TV show you hold in your hands!

So tune in and enjoy this week's drama.

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