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The Blood of Olympus By Rick Riordan

Before I get in to the book review  i just wanted to say sorry i have not blogged in a while but i need to take a step  back but i will try to blog ever two weeks.  now in to the book review .Series is now over:(. this book had a perfect ending to the series. I  don't think i have read a book with a better ending. I have a felling this is not the end of this crew that we might see them again. i don't thing that he will add more characterizes to this crew but i don't think this was the end of them. they will be back again. I can not wait so see what Rick Riordan will do now that this series is over. I don't even have words for how i feel about this book but i can highly recommend it. Remember that this the last in the series so you need to read it in order.