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Revive by Nina Levine

Let me start off by saying that I am addicted to M.C. book book because Emily (bestie and also co-blogger) go me hooked on Sons of Anarchy the TV show. This book is hot, steamy, and will have you on the edge of your seat.  this book is the third in the series and i recommend you read the first two. this book will make you all hot and bothered. I truly am in love with all of the  characters. I like that even though the characters are in a unique situation you can still relate to them. I can not wait to read the next book in the series.  To find out more about Nina Levine visit her website:

Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire

Hey everyone! I hope every one is having a good summer so far. sorry i have not blogged in a while but this summer has been crazy for me. So from now on i will try to be on more.  Let me tell you about the book I just finished.   This book was a amazing. I finished it in one day  it was so good. Beautiful Oblivion  part of a companion series to the Beautiful Disaster series.  This series is called the Maddox brothers.  I enjoyed the Beautiful Disaster series.  I liked this book because it was funny, dramatic, and the guys are yummy. Trenton is the Maddox bother in this story. He is a hot tattoo artist and is know as being a player. I fell in love with Trent in the beautiful disaster series.  He is the second youngest brother in  the Maddox family. In beautiful Oblivion they bring back characters from the Beautiful disaster series.  I recommend that you read that series first but you don't have to. This book keep me on my toes the entire time. there are times when you will be very…

Breathe,Annie,Breathe by Miranda Kenneally

I am in love with this series! This is book 5 in the series. if you like to read about sports than this is your book. It is funny and sad st the same time. You can read this book on its own but it helps if you read the other book first because she talks about her other characters from her other books.  This book takes place at the end of high school for Annie but also goes into what is happening in college. I like that she went into college for this book for the first time. This book will most likely make you want to cry but over all it is a really good book. If you want to read any other books in the series check out Miranda Kenneally site:

Cover Reveal!!

I am excited to let you  know that the the Cover for One Wild Night by Kirsty Moseley  is now read to be revile. i am in love with her book. they are funny, sad, and the men are HOT. The best thing about this book is that all of the proceeds will be going to charity.  On the count of 3 i will revile the cover.



One Wild Night is an Enjoying the Chase novella featuring the men from the two  previous books in the Guarded Hearts series. Although it can be read as a stand- alone, it WILL have spoilers for both of the other books in the series if read first.
Twelve overgrown man-children, sixteen hours, and a whole lot of liquor. Just how 
much fun can be had in one night?
Join Nate, Ashton and their friends on a wild night out on the town. 
This is NOT a romance story, it's a short (approx 22 thousand word) humour sketch. Charity info
ALL of Kirsty’s proceeds from the sale of this ebook, and the paperback version, will 
be donated to charity. MacMillan Ca…