Revere (Legacy novel) by Bethany-Kris

Revere: A Legacy Novel (Cross + Catherine, #2)
She was once his liar.
He was once her savior. 
Cross Donati fills his days with the mafia, family, and responsibility. The wild boy is a distant memory. A waiting prince now sits in his place. An old debt puts the gunrunner right back into the path of his past, but he only sees his future. 
Every king needs a queen. 
Catherine Marcello learned how to stand on her own, and she no longer needs saving. The sly girl is far more dangerous now. A broken promise taught her how to live again. One conversation puts the hustler face to face with her first love, but she only sees heartache. 
Every God needs a prayer. 
The scars of their history runs deep. Every lie told, and each secret spilled hurts a little bit more. 
Love does not care. 
Love will not wait. 
So, why does life keep standing in the way? 
My thoughts:
this series is amazing. I love there story and it makes me cry. there is action, deceit, and maybe a kidnapping. I like that Cathrine is finding here balance within herself. Cross is just trying to be there for her but he does not want to be too involved. their life is a tangled web that will suck you in. you will not be able to put this book down. there is so much that is happing that it makes your head spin a little. We will also learn some secret along the way. can't wait to read the next one.
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