Thursday, February 8, 2018

Madame Moll (gun moll 3) by Bethany-Kris and Erin Ashley Tanner

Madame Moll (Gun Moll Book 3)
In this life, nothing comes easy. 

James "Mac" Maccari is proof of that. Having fought his way through the ranks of the Pivetti Crime Family, Mac is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain that position. His wife and son are his everything. But sometimes when a man thinks he has it all, life throws a curveball. When it comes to Cosa Nostra, some curveballs are deadly. 

Melina Morgan Maccari never imagined having the life she does now. A powerful husband. A child she loves more than her own life. Newly secure in her position as a made man’s wife, Melina is finally starting to believe a happily ever after might exist. That is, until she's reminded that there is danger where you least expect it. 

Some bosses are made, not born. 

When the powerful Pivetti crime boss is targeted by law enforcement, his seat is up for grabs, and there is more than one man who thinks he is right for the job. But one man in power could spell disaster for Mac and Melina. Mac is left with no choice but to make one last attempt to secure the future for both his families or watch everything he loves to go up in flames. 

Come Hell or high water, when Melina vowed to be Mac's moll, it was for life. With an organization in chaos, and threats facing her family, she is ready to do anything necessary to stamp out the danger once and for all. 

Sometimes, bloodshed requires a woman's touch.
My thoughts:
what a great way to end a series. one of the best endings that I have read. So much happens in this book. there will be some crazy moments that take place in this book. also, some shocking moments that you do not see happen in this will go down. honestly, there are so many twists that I don't know how I kept up. I love that Mac is willing to make a change to an institution that has masculine values and does not care what other people think. Such a great series and I recommend that you read it.
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